1974 Honda CT70 Project

This collection of pages will be a simple narrative with pictures, links, and other information for the Honda CT70.  In particular the one that I purchased on 11 December 2011.  It is my first CT70 (and likely not my last.)  I rode my cousins CT70 a bunch in the early 70's and I've wanted one ever since.  So almost forty years later I finally have one.  It is a 1974 CT70K3.  It's a three speed automatic in Candy Topaz Orange.

At the time of purchase it was not running.  It turned over fine and seemed to have compression but it would not start.  Since it was nearly complete in terms of original parts for the price I figured that we could get it running.  When we got it home we checked the oil, put some fresh gas in it, and tried to start it.  It wanted to go but just wouldn't fire.  We hit it with some starting fluid and it popped immediately.  It would run on the starting fluid and then die.  At least we knew we had compression and no electrical problems so that left fuel.  After pulling the carb and cleaning it well we put it back on the machine and after a little more putzing with it Dominic finally got it running and rode off.  It runs really well.  We rode it a lot over the first weekend that we got it.  It has issues that will need repair but nothing major as long as the drive train is ok.  Over time we will have to work on the following:

My guess is that we will repair all of the items listed above and not do a complete restoration at this time.

Here's the owners manual as a PDF

And here are the shop manuals

And here are some other useful links for the CT70:

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Here is a set of pictures from the weekend that we got the machine (12/11/2011)
I've been on the lookout for a CT70 for the past several years.  While they aren't too hard to find in most cases they are nice machines that cost more than I wish to invest or are parts machines (or worse) that are way more of a project than I want to bite off.  I found this machine at Fuel Powersports in West Bend, WI.  They had recently taken in three of them and this one was the nicest of the lot.

This is my son Dominic and I unloading it on the day of its arrival.  It was a cold but snowless day in December in Wisconsin.

And just a quick note on Fuel Powersports, we have done business with them for the past few years and always have been pleased.  They have an exceptionally friendly and helpful staff.  Their customer service has always been excellent.

Off the trailer and happy to have it home.  A CT70 is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
Here are some pictures the day after its arrival.  Once we got it running we were having a blast with it all day.

Here a few videos from the first weekend (12/11/2011)